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Evaluation of programmes/projects

PHTB Consult regularly evaluates programmes and projects and has built a substantial evaluation portfolio. The evaluations usually identify lessons learnt and provide recommendations for future implementation.

PHTB Consult is part of the TB REACH monitoring and evaluation team since July 2011. In that capacity, PHTB Consult has monitored as first reviewer 25 projects in 11 different countries. All projects focus on innovative approaches for TB case finding or treatment outcome improvement and have presented a wealth or learning. TB REACH and PHTBConsult adapted swiftly to the covid-19 pandemic by doing evaluations and country visits remotely.

From 2018 - early 2021, Miranda Brouwer was TB disease lead for evaluations of Global Fund focused countries lead by a US-based Social Benefit Corporation. In that capacity she was the evaluation team lead for Bulgaria, Georgia, Guyana and Moldova. She participated in Cabo Verde as a team member, and was co-team lead for the evaluation in 2020 for Botswana. The Botswana evaluation took place remotely due to the covid-19 pandemic.

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Evaluation of programmes/projects